Thursday 19th September ` Lat 44.2557094 Long 0.0515739

This will be our home for a year

Our journey from St Symphorien brought us through a totally different driving experience here in France. Very narrow roads led us through the National Parc de Gascogne, not unlike the New Forest from the scenic aspect except we past virtually no other vehicles and there were long distances between the villages.
We are parked in an Aires just behind the Lac de Clarens which is situated on the outskirts of Casteljaloux in Aquitaine. The Lac de Clarens is a large lake with an artificial beach on a good part of its shore. There are safe swimming areas and it is a wonderful inland “seaside” area. A large casino is just being built to one end of the lake nearest the town and just across the road is a golf course. There is also a “go ape” area with 2 zip wires running across the water. Cross the lake one way then climb higher up the tree for the return journey. I have tried to cajole Elaine into giving me the photo opportunity of a life time but to no avail. With the beautiful warm weather that we are having at the moment there are quite a lot of people swimming in the lake and lounging on the beach.
We had a wonderful visit to our daughter-in-laws parents who live in St Martin de Curton just the other side of the town. We were wined and dined and made to feel most welcome by the offer of a bed for the night. Bearing in mind they have 6 bedrooms most en suite. However we could not succumb to that luxury as we may find ourselves wishing we could rent the room for a year. So we retired to our old bus after the luxury of sitting on a soft couch and watching Bake Off. Jack watched a few shooting stars and lightning in the distance. This lightning was to develop during the night into a full blown storm with very heavy rain – oh how we wished we had taken the offer of a bed!! We have moved to the lakeside whilst we wait for our parcel to arrive which should solve our on-going wi-fi problems.
We were told by our hosts that we need to keep a lookout for masses of cranes migrating from Holland to Africa and that we would have no problem identifying their flight as the sound is that of a full blown football match. Migration takes effect from late October so we may be in the appropriate part of Spain when this happens. Also in this region the hunting season starts and as they shoot everything that moves we will be planning on leaving fairly soon.
Elaine is keeping a daily journal of our travels and I love to hear her version of the day as she reads out what she has written. She is also keeping a record of mileages we have travelled each day, fuel expenditure and overnight camping fees and at the moment we are averaging around £7.80 a night since we started out after she has taken into account the free Aires we have stopped on. So Elaine is the scribe and pours endlessly over all the maps we have deciding where she thinks will our next port of call. All this keeps her very busy so I am Toilet Waller, waste emptier and driver and I write the occasional blog and tweet. With the average day temperatures being in the 80s we have mostly been living on salads and fruit so the role of chief cook and bottle washer has not been decided yet as throwing salad and bits onto a plate hardly can be called cooking.
We keep meeting up with all sorts of people of all nationalities and yesterday we met an English lady who was a teacher until she retired. She had moved to France and at the moment was travelling around in a motorhome with her French lover. Her words not mine! Henri was brought along to meet us .
I am going to start putting the longitude and latitude of places we stop at and google maps will pinpoint where we are if anyone is interested. Next, on our way towards the Atlantic coast again working our way towards Spain – maybe in the next couple of weeks. Life can be so tedious!!

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This is all about our year long meander around Europe in our motor home. It is a way of passing on what is happening, where we are and thoughts on what we have seen or done. Please comment as it is, firstly, nice to know this stuff is being read, and also tell me if there are other things you would like to hear about.

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  1. Following you every step of the way. Continue to enjoy. I’ve been wallpapering a bedroom for Jane today… Want to swap places.? Xx


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