Saturday 20th September Lat. 44.2129698 Long. -1.2927762

We had 3 lovely days at Casteljaloux and today we drove 98 miles to the west coast.  Again we used the D roads for the whole journey and for quite a few miles we drove right beside a “Peage” motorway.  It is difficult to find out how much we would have paid to do the same mileage on the motorway but our journey took us through some beautiful French towns and villages so we stopped and took pictures when we saw something different. We are now at Mimizan Plage  and we arrived at the campsite during the extended lunchtime that the French take for themselves.  So we drove into town and there we came across lots of motor homes parked on a car park in the middle of the town.  We drove in and this will now be our free nights stopping place.   After all, when in France do what the French do.  The beach here goes on for miles and there were many surfers, swimmers and people just enjoying the lovely hot day as they sit on the beach. There are lots of small shops leading up to the beach mostly selling sea side type stuff and of course places to eat.

We could hear loud music so Elaine and I walked towards the sounds only to come across a meet for bikers and old car enthusiasts. There were some beautiful old cars and motorbikes all around with food stalls and other merchandise all on what appeared to be the car park of the football stadium.  It was a lovely atmosphere and probably the most enjoyable bit was the couple of ice cold beers we purchased from the beer tent for 2 euros each. Money very well spent.

Because we are on the west coat then as the sunset started I rushed up to the sea front to get a picture. All along there were people with the same idea and I will say that it was quite spectacular but not the best sunset picture I have ever taken.

The numbers in the title are the longitude and latitude of where we are parked for the night.  Maybe it will pinpoint our position and I’m sure will be useful if anyone should want to locate Mimizan on Google Maps. We will head on down this coast tomorrow as we have the best weather on this side of France.

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This is all about our year long meander around Europe in our motor home. It is a way of passing on what is happening, where we are and thoughts on what we have seen or done. Please comment as it is, firstly, nice to know this stuff is being read, and also tell me if there are other things you would like to hear about.

6 thoughts on “Saturday 20th September Lat. 44.2129698 Long. -1.2927762”

  1. Hi both lovely blogs keep them going and we are following you on the maps and very jealous about your weather luv lums and beck xx


    1. Hi you two, glad you are enjoying my ramblings. Hope all good with you. We are going to stop here at St-Jean-de-Luz, just south of Bearritz and Pyrenees mountains are a back drop of our view here. May stop for a fortnight.


  2. Hi guys at last I’ve caught up with your Adventure and what a Brilliant one it looks, Been trying to get a blog up and running and it’s great to see how your doing.We are defo following you guys around this adventure , youve done the Best thing ever all the very Best carry on camping love Lee& Angela & family xx


    1. Hi you two, glad you have caught up with the blog and are enjoying my ramblings. I am so lucky to have Elaine as my travel companion. We have so far had a fabulous time and so far we have been lucky with the weather. We have met some very nice people on our travels but haven’t found anyone that enjoys a game of cards like you. So if you fancy a quick break in Spain I’ll let you know where we are. Jack


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