Friday 03/10/2014

Friday 03/10/2014he very warm weather is back and we spent yesterday afternoon sun bathing after the shopping expedition to fill our food cupboards again. We took the van so we did a proper shop and we bought a few treats as well. Next door to us are Tom and Joe Cruise from Plymouth. Tom is often out on his paddle board and Joe spent the afternoon parading back and forwards past us showing off the many pairs of flip flops she has brought with her. Apparently Tom had said that if she didn’t wear the many pairs of shoes she had crammed into a much smaller van than ours then he was going to throw them out. Meanwhile I was constantly being awoken from a nice siesta in the sun by the constant laughter of her and Elaine. The next couple to them are Gary and Janice and after they had spent the day on the beach we all got together for a very pleasant time sitting outside on a beautiful warm evening. I have been told that I had enjoyed the red wine just a little bit too much and it was just as well we only had a few steps to get back to our motor home. Again I have been told, that I went off to make food for everyone and all they could hear was the banging of cupboards from inside the van.

Today we walked into St Jean de Luz and the caught the bus to Handaye. Here I must explain something about the bus system here. For instance the French company runs a service from Handaye to Bayonne, about 30 kilometres and it costs 2 euros however far you travel. Then there is the Spanish company who run a similar service and their fare is 1 euro, again however far you travel. So todays travel was on the Spanish bus service there and back and the cost was 4 euros. Handaye has the best beach we have seen for quite some time and the surf has been incredible and the beach was full of sun worshippers and the waves were totally taken over by people on body boards, surf boards and paddle boards. You have to remind yourself that it is the 3rd of October. Behind the hotels that line the beach is the biggest marina we have ever seen full of boats of every variety. There were luxury yachts, cabin cruisers, and motor boats as far as you could see. There is row upon row of the things and you wonder about the recession that apparently is going on in France with the show of wealth that we saw there.
Saturday and Sunday there is going to be a Latin American festival on in St Jean de Luz in a large park there so we will make our way there tomorrow.

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This is all about our year long meander around Europe in our motor home. It is a way of passing on what is happening, where we are and thoughts on what we have seen or done. Please comment as it is, firstly, nice to know this stuff is being read, and also tell me if there are other things you would like to hear about.

3 thoughts on “Friday 03/10/2014”

  1. All sounds as if things are going to plan. We’ve got a rainy day here today but I don’t mind as its only the second in the last month. All is well with the baby, little ups and downs but slowly moving forward. 36weeks this Tuesday, so getting there. Addenbrookes is now involved with head scanning, but so far all ok. Out tonight with my lovely friend who’s home from Australia, so looking forward to that, keep enjoying and keep writing. Xx B and B.


  2. Hi B & B thanks for your comments and it really is nice to hear more positive news about baby Seth. The hospital staff deserve an enormous pat on the back for getting him this far. We all hear bad things about hospitals these days but this puts the National Health Service in a good light which it deserves.
    We are off to Spain (San Sabastian ) tomorrow and although we have enjoyed really investigating this whole area, we both are ready to move again.
    Will keep up with the tweets and the blog
    Best regards to the both of you


  3. Good to hear you are having a great journey – It doesn’t dsound as if you will ever want to come back, but if you do make sure Elaine buys the back to ‘ Fordingbridge, England’ not ‘Fordingbraga, Paraguay’ 😉 Lovely pic of war memorial. Where will you be on Remembrance day?
    People keep asking me about how Elaine is getting on and I tell them they can ask her themselves when she comes back for the next carer hub on 20th 😉 What’s that Elaine/ You didn’t read the small print in the ‘contract’? :-0

    Youll be pleased to hear the leaves are falling, winds are high and the rain heavy but otherwse all is much as you left it.
    x Sara


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