Saturday 18th October N36°18’39” W6°6’46”


We have just spent 3 days parked on a free Aires in Sanlucer de Barrameda right by the sea front. According to an English man, who lives here, the reson why the council do not charge is when the circus comes or they want to use this huge square for something else then they just tell vans to move on. He was a mind of information and we learnt a lot about the town and the local area. Our friends Tom and Jo drove down from the North of Spain because of the cold and rainy weather they were getting there. Also the surf was not good so they came here for the warmth and the sun and moved on again yesterday just down the coast for the surf as the town is in a bay which is naturally protected from the elements of the Atlantic.


The town here has a population of 18,000 in the winter months and 120,000 in the summer. Most of the houses and flats here have been bought up by rich Spaniards as holiday homes. The big industry here is sherry making and there are large sherry bodegas all around. Unfortunately for the locals, mechanisation has meant they are not the large source of employment they used to be. So you see the odd mixture of the signs of huge wealth and beggars on the streets. We went into a fabulous, richly decorated church with very poor people outside with their begging bowls out. One of the scams here is for beggars here to sit right by a church entrance making it look like you have to pay them to go in and look. All across Spain you see the Africans and their leather stalls and the guys with the fake watches bugging the people sitting outside cafés and restaurants and they are especially plentiful here as we are so close to Africa.


The weather is fabulous and we are enjoying days of 28° heat and Elaine is getting browner by the day. Her hair was becoming a bit of a problem because of her reluctance to trust a French or Spanish hairdresser with her locks. However it has grown now and the problem is over as it now falls naturallyinto place and it looks good. Because of the weather, we have been eating a lot of salads and fruit and we have been walking miles walking about the places we are visiting so both of us are losing weight. It is a very healthy lifestyle we have and this gypsey way of life is getting better by the day.


In France we managed very well as far as communicating with people because I have managed to remember all the French I learnt whe I was younger. Spanish is a different thing. We are not in an area which is teeming with Brits so English is not a natural second language like we will find in the resorts. It is very comical to see us in a supermarket trying to decide what is in a packet or a tin and we were trying to look at the pictures to decide if we should buy it or not and we certainly made a few mistakes. Now we have downloaded google translate and we can use it off line so now life is easier but not anywhere so exciting.


We set off today to move to a paid site where we can plug into electric and use the washing machine and to use their showers and not our cupboard.  Headed into town to do a Lidl shop first but because of a saints day everything was shut including Lidl. 49 miles furthr south and we are now at Conil de la Frontera, N36°18’39” , W6°6’46” on what Elaine judges to be the best site we have stayed on and she has given it 5*****. It is 30°+ and the washing was dry within an hour of being on the line we put up, we have both showered and Elaine has given me a hair cut ( I did get her to put her glasses on first). So wearing my hat we will go into the town tomorrow and also we will go to Cadiz as we couldn’t find a site near there so that will be a bus ride for another day.


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This is all about our year long meander around Europe in our motor home. It is a way of passing on what is happening, where we are and thoughts on what we have seen or done. Please comment as it is, firstly, nice to know this stuff is being read, and also tell me if there are other things you would like to hear about.

4 thoughts on “Saturday 18th October N36°18’39” W6°6’46””

  1. Hi you two ducks, just enjoyed your blog from yesterday – picking up some tips for our blog which is a challenge. The girls, Gottfried and I left you in Seville and bused along to Cordoba and then the following day to Granada which has 34 degrees. If you go nowhere else then the Alhambra is a must – a half day tour but needs to be booked a few days in advance.
    We’ve arrived in Motril on the coast (just along from Nerja) for a few days rest and recreation. The strangest campsite, nestled in a mountainside covered in plastic green houses – not the best photographic opportunity.
    Have fun.


    1. Hi Linda and co. Apologies for long delay in replying. If still reading blog you will see what we’ve been up to since Seville. We are now not far from where you were near Nerja at Torre del Mar, beautiful little town and site very near the beach (if that’s what you call it, it’s more like fine grey light soil) . Anyway a couple of days then off to Granada and Alhambra. Did the bracelet work? Hope all is well. What is your blog address so we can follow you. Jack and Elaine xx


  2. Jack you are a natural….your eye for detail and ability to write is mesmerizing!
    Love to both
    Jill and Kevin xxxxx


    1. Hi you two. Thank you for your kind comments about my blog. It is very easy to write stuff when you are in the midst of such amazing things going on all around you.
      Best regards
      Jack and Elaine


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