Monday 20th October N 36*18’39” W6*6’46”


A special, significant day today! As we landed in France on Monday the 1st of September and it is now Monday again ….. we have been out now for 51 days and we are now starting our 8th week of this adventure.  The picture is of Elaine out shining the sunset and ladies, note the hair!!!!  We have now done 1792 miles since we set off and are now down at the south of Spain at Conil de la Frontera. The temperature has been around 32 degrees but the wind has got up quite significantly because of the affects of Gonzalos that is on the way to you now.   If the wind hasn’t died down then we will stay here for another day.  This wind was quite a bonus for us as Elaine took the opportunity to wash the quilts today and with the combination of the heat here and the wind  then they were dry in an hour and ready for use again. Elaine said “good pegging out day”..

IMG_8072We have seen this sort of statue outside quite a few churches since we have been in Spain. It all looks a bit Klu Klux Klan to me (especially with all the African market stall holders) so there will be a special prize for the first reader who can explain just what we are seeing here.  The churches here will always be a puzzle to me anyway.  Although you can see lots of signs of the wealth  some people have here: you can see the poverty that lots of people live with, yet the churches flaunt the wealth they have.

IMG_8071I met this lady the other night but she gave me the complete cold shoulder.  Funny thing is after I had posed for this photo, suddenly there was a queue of people lined up waiting to have their picture taken doing the same thing.  I am glad I was first as who knows what I could have caught.

IMG_8250Here is proof that I have swam in the sea as that is me on the right with our friends Tom and Jo in the huge surf there.  It was only a shame that Elaine photography was not good enough or you could have seen the huge wave that I just ridden in on and what you see is just Tom and Jo congratulating me on on that magical performance.  Well this is my blog as as I am writing this then why shouldn’t I use a bit of poetic licence.  The beaches here are magical and everywhere you can see the vans of every sort of the surfers that are enjoying  the west coast  of France and now Spain.

Presuming the wind has died down tomorrow then we will move on a bit further south and then Tarifa where we will be on the most southern point of Spain and then Gibralter and the apes. After that  we will head up towards our long winter break.  I nearly put holiday but the last time I wrote that then emails came in like arrows demanding to know if the rest of what we are doing is work. So the diplomat in me will say that we have to take a break soon to avoid any wintry weather.

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This is all about our year long meander around Europe in our motor home. It is a way of passing on what is happening, where we are and thoughts on what we have seen or done. Please comment as it is, firstly, nice to know this stuff is being read, and also tell me if there are other things you would like to hear about.

6 thoughts on “Monday 20th October N 36*18’39” W6*6’46””

  1. Mate you must of got the best wave of the day. Jo and I went back today to look for your surfboard still can’t find it.

    We will catch up again soon, and don’t let them rock apes mess up your hair ( or Elaine’s).

    Laters Tom and Jo


    1. You should know that when you become as good a surfer as me, you don’t need a board. All you need is a good imagination and a keyboard. Looking at the map, we’ll be dring past you later on as we will leep frog you by going to one more stop before Tarifa. When we get together remiind me and I’ll tell you about my other skill…..air guitar!

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  2. Right. I think it’s now time to change the name of the blog to ” two brown Ducks”, judging by that photo of Elaine. Jack, you much match her and the picture in the surf made me so jealous. I love days like that in the sea.
    Our progress is good, though medical. For fit people we will sound like old crocks, but not the case. Bill has had two angioplasties for his legs and is like a new man. Rudolph Nuryeve springs to mind ( but then pas de deux’s straight back out). I have had my colonoscopy and have a clean bill of health which is great, and Seth is spending the day at home today so the community NICU nurse can come round and get the house sorted for his imminent discharge. Whoopee!
    So everything’s Rosie. Continue to enjoy.

    B and B. Xx


  3. Wow you two have done so well, still very jealous, this time next year it will be us. You both look so well, love the hair Elaine, let it grow. We have settled in, feels like home now, busy decorating Kitchen now. Wilton is a weird place tho, nothing happens here and sooooo quiet, just as well Salisbury is not far away. We are both well, start a new job next week, only part time, it will keep me occupied, I get so bored, not like you two. Not sure what the statue is Jack will ask Brian, looks it bit strange tho. Glad the weather is good, very windy here today, going to brave it a moment and take Holly for a walk. Love the blogs Jack, interesting and very funny keep sending them. Enjoy your time in Spain, eat lots of Tapas and enjoy.

    Jean & Brian xx


    1. Hi Jean and Bryan. The time will pass quickly and it will soon be your turn again to travel and enjoy the experiences. Glad you are getting the house how you want it and Bryan is not regretting leaving all that relaxation he had on that woovercroft site. Hope you are enjoyng the blog and that you’ll do one when you go away. It is a shame that I cannot find a true answer to my picture question and I will just accept that the guy in the full mask would never have won a beauty prize as a baby and he has gone downhill ever since. Best regards Jack.


  4. Spoke to Brian re statues. He thinks one with bell is ice cream seller with leprosy hence the bell, and the one with the hat is a Dominican monk asociated with the Inquisition.


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