6th November N38°26’10” W0°26’10”

Three days ago we drove the 176 miles to get to where we have decided would be our winter stop over place.  So, we are at El Campello.  Our address for the next 3 months is :- Costa Blanca Camping
                                       Attention Jack and Elaine Rouse
                                        C/ Convento 143 – 03560
                                          El Campello
The website of Costa Blanca Camping is http://www.campingcostablanca.com so you can look for yourself what is here.  We chose a smaller site in a smaller town quite deliberately and we are pleased with our choice.  The owners and the people in the office are very obliging and unusually,  the bar / snack bar and the swimming pool stay open all year.  Town is less than a 1/4 hour away walking and the beach is about the same.  There are lots of Supermarkets in town so there is a lot of choice and Aldi is only a 5 minute walk from the front gate.  There is a small gymnasium which can be used without charge and wi fi is free and we can use it from inside the motor home but to skype then we would have to go near the bar.  Or perhaps in the bar with a bit of luck.

From the centre of El Compello we can access the train, the tram or the bus network and then we can go anywhere and we intend to use all these transport options to thoroughly investigate this whole area even up to Barcelona.  We have set up our camp and we have even set up our awning with it’s own electricity supply.  We have had a thorough sort out of the van after the ten weeks of travelling around.  We watch with interest other people setting up their satellite dishes.  The Dutch man who arrived yesterday was today perched perilously on a full set of ladders trying to get a signal over the trees in front of him.  Meanwhile Elaine and I chat, write blogs, play cards, read and no longer rely on a box for our entertainment. I have not watched tv for the whole ten weeks and Elaine has watched one episode of British Bake Off and one Strictly show and the result show on the Sunday and we have survived. 

The biggest desaster that has  happened to us is that Elaine’s kobo ( her e book) gave up the ghost a few weeks ago.  You can only buy a Kobo from W H Smiths and they will not post anything out to a foreign country.  Luckily someone is buying one and then bringing it out here when they come for a holiday.
Because Elaine had loaded her Kobo in preparation for our trip then she has not resorted to buying a Kindle which are readily available here.

We have just been reading the two English free papers for this area and they are full of crimes and stuff going on in the larger places up and down the coast so maybe that is all the more reason why we have made a good decision to stop here.

If you have enjoyed reading about our adventures, please tell others and message me through wordpress with any likes or comments.

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This is all about our year long meander around Europe in our motor home. It is a way of passing on what is happening, where we are and thoughts on what we have seen or done. Please comment as it is, firstly, nice to know this stuff is being read, and also tell me if there are other things you would like to hear about.

2 thoughts on “6th November N38°26’10” W0°26’10””

  1. Hi Guys, the camp site looks great and it will be lovely for you both to settle for a few months and enjoy the facilities and surrounding area. We are both fine and enjoying the wind, rain and cold that is thrown at us!!! Shame isn’t it but then we could be enjoying ourselves in the sun like you too if we were more sensible.
    Take care of yourselves and if you can Skype us anytime, do let me know and I will be ready to receive your call.
    Lots of love from us both
    Annie & Tony x x


    1. Hi you two, sorry for the delay in replying. I did actually pen a reply straight away but for some reason it did not go. I only just noticed so I will try again. Sunday we cycled almost to Alicante, all along the front. There was a marathon going on at the same time which also went along the same way and we did get told off by policemen at different times to get out of the way of the runners. Yesterday we took the train to Alicante and were very impressed with evrything we saw there.

      We will Skype you but we need you Skype details so if you email Elaine then we will give you a call

      Best regards to you both



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