Saturday 29th November

It is now almost 3 months since we left England and we have now quite settled into our life in our motor home.  Although we both look forward to when we start our onward journey, this stop over here is quite an experience in its own right. We have got to know lots of our neighbours and on the main they are a friendly lot.  Of course we have Tom and Jo here and Tom’s Mum and Dad  only went back home yesterday after their 10 days holiday here. The main thing is the weather here means that we are out and about throughout the day and when we are not going out then we will be found sitting otside our old bus so of course we constantlly meet the neighbours.  As new arrivals pitch up then most of the Brits will come and chat so another few hours go by hearing about their travels.

In the whole time we have been away we have had fantastic weather and neither Elaine nor I have had to wear our waterproof coats even once to keep out the rain. However, yesterday we were sitting outside a  Neil and Sybil’s motorhome when rain started and by the look of the forecast then it is due to be with us for a few days. The wind has also got up so it is not quite so warm so the conversation topic of the day is the weather and the Dutch man who has a weather station set up outside his caravan will have lots to talk about today.  The French contingency will have to find somthing else to do as most days they can be found playing  Boules on one of the empty pitches.  The Dutch couple who spent every day in their swimwear, sunning themselves in front of their bungalow just up from us, told us yesterday that they were going home early because of the weather.  The truth is that they probably couldn’t wait to show off their tans back home. As for us then if it is a wet day today then we will spend our time with T and J playing Rummikub.

Rummikub is a game based on the card game Rummi but played with tiles instead of playing cards. Runs and sets are laid down and the person with no tiles left is the winner of that round. As they are laid down then you move them around to enable you to lay down more of your tiles. The game was invented in Isreal and is thoroughly addictive. In fact I now wonder how the Israelis have time for all the war mongering they get involved in. Tom’s parents brought it out for us in their luggage after we played it at the friends we stayed with before coming here. As long as it stays a secret then I will admit that I have secretly downloaded the game onto my tablet and am getting lots of practice so I am reigning champion at the moment. So, please, no emails or text messages telling my opponents how I have learnt my expertise.

We went by train again to Benidorm and had another brilliant day. Elaine and Jo found an English hairdresser and both came back looking beautiful and they have made another appointment on the 18th. After lunch we went to an open fronted bar called Heart Break Hotel and had Sangria whilst listening to the music which the owner joined in with using his electric guitar. Elaine and I rock and rolled on the pavement outside the bar when Shake It All About came on much to the amusement of the passers by and the other people in the bar. Strong stuff that Sangria. We saw a picture for sale in a shop of what Benidorm looked like in the 1950s and the difference between the then and the now is amazing. The then was of an aerial view of lots of beautiful coastline with houses and buildings in clumps and more countryside than urban area. Now Benidorm is dominated by hundreds and hundreds of massively tall blocks of flats and it appears that the builders and architects have competed with each other over who could build the tallest, oddest, ugliest building. The English lady who owned the café where we had our breakfast told us that although Beidorm is always busy, she was gearing up for the massive influx of people who would flood in for the Christmas period. She told us that she did 153 covers in her small café last Christmas day. Although there are far too many shops selling the same tacky, souvenir type goods; the atmosphere is fascinating and the old quarter and the British quarter are well worth visiting if only for its people watching value. Why would men with the physique of a Buddha parade around shirtless with their bellies bursting out of multi coloured shorts whilst wearing the most rediculous hat they could find, on their heads. Actually, I felt quite comfortable!

We are making plans for our 3 day visit to Barcelona and at the moment the 9th of December is the pencilled In date. I say we but Jo and I are leaving all to Elaine and Tom to make all the arrangements. Barely a day goes by without their repeated self congratulations about the wonderful choice of this campsite for our winter stop over. Just like on Alan Sugar’s television programme, sometimes, self appointed “leaders” come unstuck and then Jo and I will have our day.

There is much excitement here after Elaine’s and my walk today. After the rain in the morning, the sun came out so we walked the few kilometres to the next village up the coast and found a restaurant advertising roast dinners so we went in and found out about the carvery held there every Sunday so today six of us will be there. As it will be the first proper Sunday dinner any of us have had for over 3 months, do I want the beef, the lamb or the chicken. I wonder if I can have some of each.

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This is all about our year long meander around Europe in our motor home. It is a way of passing on what is happening, where we are and thoughts on what we have seen or done. Please comment as it is, firstly, nice to know this stuff is being read, and also tell me if there are other things you would like to hear about.

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