14th December


We have started to do some preparations for Christmas and there is a competition on between Tom and Jo on one side and Elaine and myself on the other side.  We have been out secretly buying decorations to dress up our motor home and the charity shops and the Chinese shops have been perfect as a source of  suitable  bits and pieces.  Tom and Jo went out yesterday to get their stuff for their bungalow.  We are to decorate our respective dwellings on Tom and Jo’s silver wedding anniversary which is this Tuesday and it will be fascinating to find out about each others taste or lack of it.  I think that lots of you will soon receive or have received an email photo of Elaine and I on the beach wearing Christmas hats posing around a palm tree.  What the photos do not show are the looks we got from all the Spanish people as they walked past.  My hat , by the way has multi uses.  One it is a hat, secondly it is going to make a great table decoration for our Christma dinner on the beach and we have been getting a great BBC 1 reception since I started wearing it.

A Christmas poem
Christmas dinner on a warm sunny beach
has only ever been a faint dream.
What to have for our festive lunch
is much harder than it may seem.

What’s the Spanish word for turkey
and can we buy some brussel sprouts?
And if we find some, will they stay in place
on a barbecue,  I have my doubts.

Someone suggested we have hamburgers
or maybe tinned hotdogs in a roll
but I did have dreams of Christmas pud
smothered in hot custard in a bowl.

I have just seen the weather forecast,
Icey conditions loom, for those back home.
Perhaps just a ham sandwich on the sand
shouldn’t give me any cause to moan.

Please will you all do me a favour.
Don’t email a picture of your Christmas meal.
Then I won’t talk about the sun out here
as I realise how you all must feel.

Sorry about that, it must be the constant sunshine that has gone to my head.  Oh dear, I did say I wouldn’t do that any more.


Our motor home has been suitably,  festively decorated and there is a degree of Blue Peter artwork as can be seen by the home made gold stars on the cupboard fronts.  Elaine’s normal, beautifully decorated Christmas tree  that she does every year has been replaced by a €1.50, 18 inch, pre decorated buy from a charity shop and is lit by battery powered coloured lights and we have flashing coloured lights shining from the side window of the van. We went to T and J’s bungalow for their grand opening and in comparison our motor home is the height of sophistication.  My reactor light glasses immediately went completely black as there was bling everywhere.  In Jo’s defence, Tom went out to buy their decorations and he put them all up.  There was a colour code……….that is to use evey colour possible.  I have honestly never seen a red Christmas tree before.  He has threatened to display their tree outside their bungalow but Jo has taken a leaf out of Elaine’s book and said if he does she will move in with us.  Their neighbours had to put up with much laughter, that afternoon.

Our van just sits here most of the time as we get about either by walking, cycling or by the train and I just start it up periodically to keep the engine running well.  The other day we unhooked the electric cable as we needed to fill our gas cylinders which were getting low.  Before we left the UK I fitted refillable cylinders with an exrernal filling point much the same as you would have on a car ran on autogas.  It was a great feeling for Elaine and I to be out and about in our dear, old motor home and as autogas is so cheap in Spain then €10.20 about £8.00 filled both our cylinders.  In England that would have cost us £25 to have one full cylnder.  We both agreed that we are thoroughly enjoying our time at El Compello but it will be great to be on the move again.

There are more  motor homes and caravans moving onto the site and a few more Brits have turned up.  The local, free newspaper which is aimed at the English speaking community hereabouts talks of the mountains of salt being accumulated to keep the roads open.  As Spain is the most mountainess country in Europe apart from Switzerland then many of the through routes across the country will have snow soon.  On the way here we drove past many miles of red and white striped snow poles, either side of the road to show where the road edges are when there is deep snow.  The friends we visited at  Caniles said there was snow in the mountains behind their village a week ago and their home is only around 850 meters above sea level.  As some people arrive then others move on or go home.  Neil and Sybil have flown home to Edingborough having left their motor home with a friend.  They used to live in the next village to here and they were always out and about on their matching electric bikes on the search of another property to buy.  They will be back near the mddle of January and in the mean time we will miss Neil’s yarns and tales of their fascinating lives and Elaine will miss her cosy chats with the lovely Sybil.

Tomorrow (Thursday) we four are off to Benedorm again as Elaine and Jo have a hair appointment with Tracy and we will then visit the area of the town that we can see from the front, here at El Compello.  We are looking forward  to this trip as people watching there is so much fun and it will be a lot more crowded because of the Christmas exodus from England.


This is a picture of a cormorant taken on the new camera we have bought to replace the one stolen from our hotel room.  The birds sit on the breakwater down on the front at El Compello and the 60x optical zoom allowed me to take this picture as normally they fly off as soon as I get close enough to get a decent photo.


Our motor home side window where a gypsy woman has a view to setting up a palm reading service to supplement their stay.

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This is all about our year long meander around Europe in our motor home. It is a way of passing on what is happening, where we are and thoughts on what we have seen or done. Please comment as it is, firstly, nice to know this stuff is being read, and also tell me if there are other things you would like to hear about.

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  1. LOVE the Christmas photo of u & Mum Jack, LOVE the poem, LOVE the decorations & LOVE that Mum & Jo are getting their hair done by ‘Tracy’ tomorrow! Brilliant read, yet again & I won’t send u a picture of my Christmas dinner 😉 xxxx

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