17th February

Wednesday the 11th of February was a busy day for us both of us.  Our visitor was coming to stay with us for a few days.  Because we were going to pick up Lou from Alicante airport in the motor home on Thursday then I was charged with giving the outside of the van a thorough wash and brush up whilst Elaine set to on the inside.  You would think we were having the Queen coming to stay and the already clean inside of our old bus was dusted, swept, polished to such a high degree that I thought that I wouldn’t be allowed back in the van until I had had a shower and a complete clean set of clothes.  A butler’s white glove wouldn’t have found a speck of dust anywhere on the inside and on the outside of our now gleaming motor home.

Thursday came and we set off for the 15 kilometre drive to Alicante.  We had to drive a couple of times round the airport to find a place to park as the van is 3 metres high and we had to avoid the height restriction parking places.  By the time we got into the airport the signs said the plane had landed.  The first of the hand luggage passengers from the Bournemouth flight started coming through the arrivals gate.  No sign of our Lou.  Finally the passengers in wheelchairs with full luggage came through and still we waited.  Then passengers from the next flight to have landed started to stream through the arrivals gate and finally, there she was.  After a cuddle with me her and Elaine cuddled and cuddled and the tears flowed.  On the way to the car park Lou explained that she had got lost between getting off the plane and the arrivals gate.  It could only happen to Lou.

On the way back I decided to drive right through the centre of Alicante instead of taking the motorway to give Lou a tour of some of the sights we had seen when we toured this lovely city.  We went down the road with the harbour on one side and impressive promenade on the other side and then we passed the Spanish Galleon before turning left so we could drive along with the beautiful beach on our right hand side and the huge castle nestling on top of the hill to our left.  What was I thinking about?  Elaine and Lou sat in the back of the motor home and they were so busy chatting that neither of them had glanced out of the windows even once.  In fact Elaine at one stage said “where are we and why is it taking so long to get back?”  We stopped at a supermarket to get a few last minute supplies and Lou came out clutching a 68 cent, litre bottle of beer she seen in there.


How pleased were we when we saw the sun on Friday so we walked all along the front to St Juan and then after a coffee at the station we caught the train into Alicante.  We had a good walk around and on our way we looked for a restaurant to return to for our lunch.  We toured the other side of the large harbour and by that time we all had a good appetite.


We had made a good choice and we were delighted with the four course meal and the glass of wine which we enjoyed sitting in the sunshine of the day.  We went past an ice cream parlour with a strange sign saying that it was the third best shop of its type in Alicante.  Who wants third best when you can have the best so we strode on to the parlour we knew and had visited before.  It was three happy people walking towards the station for our ride home, walking through the streets eating our tubs of luscious ice creams.  In the evening we taught our guest Rummikub before I went off to the bungalow which was my bedroom while Lou was here thanks to Tom and Jo.  Before Lou came out I had asked her to bring out a Valentines Day card because I couldn’t find anything suitable out here.  She secretly passed me the card and the little bag of Thornton’s chocolate hearts.

I want back to the bungalow with a little plan what to do with the card and choccies.  I intended to make out it had been sent by one of the many French men here.  I wrote “Madame” on the envelope in a totally different writing style.  I started to write the card “tu es ma valentine” and at that the pen gave up the ghost.  There was nothing I could do to make it work.  Next morning I was up early and borrowed a black pen from a Dutch woman from a caravan nearby and continued writing the card “je t’adore ma petit choux” xxxxxxxx. I went to put the card in the envelope when I found Lou had brought out the wrong envelope and the only way I could fit the card into it was by folding the card in half.  I had intended in pretending that I had found the card tucked into the handle of the motor home.  So I just handed the card to Elaine with the chocolates and explained the original plan.  After a lot of laughter I then had to explain that” ma petit choux” means my little cabbage and then had to convince Elaine that it really is a romantic term of endearment.

The bar management were putting on a Valentines Day function that was to start around 1pm so we went off early and took Lou to show some more of El Campello so that we could get back for the do.




The three of us went up with Roy and Susan and after an ok meal the singer Paola started and once the alcohol then the side of the swimming pool became the dance floor.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and I jived and danced with Elaine, Susan and Lou.   Later that night Lou and I went off into town once Elaine had gone to bed.  The next day, the camp gossip Tone (the Dutch man who fell in the pool last time there was a big party)  and even though he hadn’t been at the function said to me that I had enjoyed myself yesterday.  He went on to say that he had watched me dancing lots of times with a dark haired lady who was not my wife. The dark haired lady was of course Lou so, fancy anyone viewing me as a Casanova.

All good things have to come to an end and sadly, after a lovely meal at lunchtime, we took Lou back to the airport.  It had been a lovely few days and Elaine was very quiet as we drove away from the airport.

We will now drive away from our long term site here at El Campello on Wednesday so we have packed away the awning and we are virtually ready to re start our tour as long as the warnings of a bad storm which is threatening to take place on our leaving day does not occur.


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This is all about our year long meander around Europe in our motor home. It is a way of passing on what is happening, where we are and thoughts on what we have seen or done. Please comment as it is, firstly, nice to know this stuff is being read, and also tell me if there are other things you would like to hear about.

2 thoughts on “17th February”

  1. What a beautiful story Jack ❤️ so happy that u all had a great time & how lucky is Lou being able to see u both xxxxxxxx


    1. Hi Claire, it was fantastic to see Lou here for both of us but especially for your Mum. Despite the great time we are having we two do miss you all and please know you are in our hearts and thoughts all the time.♥♥♥♥♥ Jack


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