24th April…………Marina di Ragusa


An update on our journey so far

We are just coming to an end of week 34 of our drive around parts of Europe.  So far we have done 4,854 miles in the motorhome and the map shows the route we have followed.


What the map doesn’t show are all the other places we have visited using public transport whether it be by tram, train or bus.  Since we have been in southern Italy and now in Sicily we are finding that we are coming across less and less British vehicles on the road and on this campsite for instance we are the only British motorhome and virtually all the others have Italian number plates

24TH April……….. Marina di Ragusa

We didn’t leave Catania until the 22nd because I hurt my shoulder and wanted the pain to ease before I started driving again.  Always looking for the good in all situations; even though my shoulder was giving me what for and sleeping was difficult, the care and attention I was receiving from Elaine was fine compensation.  We decided to go to Marina di Ragusa next and the English couple recommended that we take the direct route instead of driving all around the coast because they said it was such a pretty route.   The first part of the drive was motorway and then the single carriageway road was exactly as the couple had described.  Beautiful, lush green, rolling countryside with all different coloured wild flowers at the edge of the road all the way down.  The whole journey was 89 miles and at some stages we were 400 – 500 metres above sea level and it was a long, ear popping descent to get to the coastal town of Marina di Ragusa and we pulled into this smallish campsite just before 1 o/clock.

What a find!  The site has grass pitches each with its own electric point and water tap.  The site is 300 metres from the beach and 500 metres from the small town.  Wi- fi is free and there is quite a strong signal in the motorhome.  This has its good and bad points.  Television we do not miss but we both miss John Humphreys on the Today Programme.  With this strong signal we are getting the BBC radio programmes but having thought we had the perfect getaway from the General Election news now we are catching up fast with all the false promises from the politicians.  At the top of the site there is a large covered area complete with 6 gas barbeques (free to use), sinks and tables and chairs.  The guy who owns the place is very friendly and his young black Labrador is even friendlier and it spends a lot of time outside our motorhome when we are there.  The charge for this site is 10 euros a night and Salvo (that is the owner) says if we stay a month then the charge will be only 200 euros.  Because we are now about as far south as you can be in Sicily we are on the same latitude as Tunis and Malaga in Spain.  I know you are having a fine spell of weather at the moment so I do not have to feel guilty in saying that we are enjoying temperatures well in the 20’s.

There is a public holiday in Italy tomorrow to celebrate Liberation Day which marks the fall of Mussolini and his Italian Social Republic Party and the end of the Nazi Occupation in 1945.  According to Salvo, tomorrow the site will be filled with celebrating Italian/Sicilians so that sounds like fun.  We’ll go off tomorrow to see the local celebrations.

Whilst we were in the television lounge skyping with Claire, Lauren and Joe; Salvo turned on his grass watering system and disappeared off who knows where.  The roof lights (the two roof ventilation windows) and the big widow of the motorhome were wide open to keep the van cool because of the warm evening.  When we returned to the van we had to dodge the blasts of water hitting the roof.  When we got in we found water coming in through the roof and the window.  The floor was soaking and so were the cushions on that side of the van.   The water continued to hit the roof and it sounded as though there was a tropical storm going on outside.  We dried up as best as possible and then I went off to find Salvo to turn the water off.  He was nowhere to be found but eventually I managed to fathom out the right switches to turn off the watering system.  This morning, through sign language, I was explaining what had happened and the penny dropped when I started doing swimming strokes pointing at the inside of the van.

We will move on from here in a couple of days’ time and in the mean time we will enjoy the relaxation away from our hectic sightseeing tours.

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This is all about our year long meander around Europe in our motor home. It is a way of passing on what is happening, where we are and thoughts on what we have seen or done. Please comment as it is, firstly, nice to know this stuff is being read, and also tell me if there are other things you would like to hear about.

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