2nd and 3rd of November………. location Burgos and 4th November ………..Segovia

2nd November

By the time we had arrived at Burgos which is over 800 meters above sea level the rain had already started and it was cold.  We have moved onto an Acsi site which means that they let a pitch for 12, 14, or 16 euros a night in the off season for those that have an Acsi card.  There are quite a few British units here and this site is very popular with those travelling from the south of Spain heading towards the ports at Santander or Bilbeo.  We had intended to take our bikes and to cycle into Burgos but instead we settled ourselves down in the van and spent the time trying to decide where we should go next because of the inclement weather.  We have a weather map on the tablet that shows temperatures and rainfall over any country and we have also taken note of the flash floods over the last few days that have led to loss of life in Spain and in Portugal.

Later on we went into the bar/restaurant that is attached to the campsite to buy a loaf of bread and found that you could buy quite a nice bottle of red wine for 4 euros.   We sat and continued our discussions about what we should do when an English couple joined us and we learnt that they live in France where they act as holiday reps and now that their site was closed then this was their time to holiday in their caravan and they were stopping here on their way to Portugal.  We certainly got back to the motor home later than expected and I think I had done well because I remembered to buy the loaf of bread we had come into the bar to buy.

3rd November


We walked into Burgos today and although reception had told us it was 3 kilometers to the cathedral I am sure it was nearer 3 miles.  The walk was very pleasant because the rain had stopped and the walkway was away from the road and it followed the river all the way into the centre.  The Spanish seem to love promenading so we had lots of company on our way.  The city centre has some spectacular old buildings and the cathedral was certainly one not to miss.


The last part of the walk took us through a very structured walkway full of topiary on either side.  Like lots of Spanish cities there are copper statues leaning against railings, sitting on benches or in this case cooking chestnuts on a brazier.



After coffee in a very exclusive looking café in the square opposite the cathedral we rejected the land train and decided to continue walking around the city.  We walked all the way up the hill to the castle which perches way above the surrounding city with trees and shrubs all around and when we got to the top there was the very same land train almost laughing at us for not taking the nice comfortable ride up the hill.

We are still unsure what to do as we certainly didn’t have adverse weather to cope with on our last trip.  We have spoken to Tom and Jo who will come out to meet us in their motorhome in December so we have decided to head south and we’re going to head for Marbella and to break our journey with a stop at Madrid.  We will then head back up north to meet up with them when they arrive in Spain.

4th November

Elaine, our planning officer,after reading her Spanish guide book decided to forego Madrid for the moment and has found us a free stop-over right by the bullring (Plaza deToros) in a city called Segovia.  She has told me that there is a Roman viaduct that just has to be seen and that the weather map has said that it would not be raining there today.  Good enough, decision made……………126 miles later we were there, parked right by the said bullring.

005 (2)

Sometimes decisions are made for not so nice reasons but because of the wretched weather we got to see something that is truly awe inspiring.  How on earth could the Romans have built this viaduct to bring water to the city of Segovia which is perched on a hill.  The viaduct starts low and gets higher and higher as it crosses the valley before reaching the city.

006 (2)009 (2)


We climbed the hill and I think you will see by the photos that this city is a must see.  Elaine and I have visited many cathedrals on our travels but the cathedral here is spectacular because of its vastness and the roof is elegantly vaulted but way higher than is normal as if making a mere man feel quite small.

016 (2)

The bell tower is also way higher than any others in Spain and perhaps I was lucky that visits up the tower were suspended that day so my legs escaped the climb to the stop.

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This is all about our year long meander around Europe in our motor home. It is a way of passing on what is happening, where we are and thoughts on what we have seen or done. Please comment as it is, firstly, nice to know this stuff is being read, and also tell me if there are other things you would like to hear about.

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