10/11/ 2015 Torre del Mar

Torre del Mar 002

We came onto this site the other day and as I said before……..we will stay here for a while.  The weather is warm and the site has everything we need.  First of all I think that it would be a good idea to give you a little idea what Camping Torre del Mar is all about.  It is open all year and to fill it in the off season months then large discounts are given for those wanting to stop here long term.  As with a lot of sites like this, nationalities seem to congregate together and here the Germans are definitely the master race.  Hastily I will reword that by saying that there are mostly Germans here, next comes the Dutch and then in much lesser numbers come the English, the Scandinavians and at the moment I haven’t seen a single French motorhome or caravan.  The reason is that these sites take bookings for an actual pitch way in advance and most of the people here have been coming here over and over for years so they know their friends will be here when they arrive.

Torre del Mar 012

Torre del Mar 011

I have taken a couple of photographs of the way people set up their camp and they bring everything with them to make their winter stop over, a proper home from home.  They bring large  plastic mats to cover the whole floor area.  They totally surround their pitch with windbreaks or  make their own walls, with gates across the front, from timber and a form of plastic sheeting.  It is not unusual to see large and small planters full of colourful plants and flowers and of course they all vie to see who has the most outrageous light show.  One German across from us has had his large Christmas tree lit up each evening since we have been here.  In comparison, our simple set up is good enough for us.

Torre del Mar 014

There are lots of trees over the whole site and they probably bring great relief from the daily, blinding sunshine  Now the leaves are falling so from early in the morning the campers are all out sweeping leaves from their pitches.  Those that come every year know the ropes and on top of everything else, the bring their rakes with them but the odd thing is they just sweep them into piles and leaf ( deliberate error) them there.  No need for me to say what happens when the wind blows.  We do not have a broom or a rake but I did catch Elaine shooing some leaves off our mat with a little hand brush.  I went to get the camera but she saw what I was doing so she soon stopped.

There is a swimming pool and a restaurant specializing in Mexican food and quite a well stocked shop.  Torre del Mar is a large town and the campsite is on the west side of the town and straight out the front of the gates about 200 meters away is the beach.

Torre del Mar 005

There is a long promenade right by the beach edge and I have included a couple of pictures showing the promenade and the walkways. Green parakeets thrive here and most of the tall palm trees have nests of them and their screeching calls can be heard everywhere.

Torre del Mar 007

All along the beach wall there are fish restaurants and each has a large rowing type boat, on the beach, filled with soil on top of which the fish are cooked on hot barbecue coals.

Elaine and I have walked have had a quick wander into town and it appears to be a thriving, busy town with a bus terminus but no train station.  We now have the bus timetable and we will soon be travelling around the area and I definitely want to do a 4 or 5 day trip to Madrid similar to the trip we did to Barcelona last year.  We will leave our motorhome here and I want us to celebrate our 20th anniversary in a hotel in the Spanish capital.

The one fly in the ointment is the wretched computer I am writing this blog on now.  One minute it was working perfectly and then it all went wrong.  The only way I could get the wretched thing working was to set it back to square one and I have lost everything precious that was stored on the hard drive.  I even went to a Spanish computer shop today to inquire what is available in case I had to replace the ailing laptop but the language difficulty made it impossible but at least I have somewhere to download my photos before saving them safely on the external hard drive.

Torre del Mar 016

Torre del Mar 018

Elaine enjoying her new bike.  Now she’s even doing stunts!

Despite the warmth of the day Elaine and I cycled,there and back, about 14 miles all along the coast and we stopped for lunch at a tapas bar right by the beach.  The one thing we have learnt is that you need to get away from the tourist areas to get a good meal at a good price. This bar / restaurant was excellent and we had a beer each, 6 mixed tapas, a coffee each which came with a complimentary small ice cream which went down very well.  I went to pay for the meal and then joked with Elaine that we certainly couldn’t afford to buy a new computer after paying the bill.  The whole thing cost just 7 euros and with the exchange rate we had changed our money at……….I had just paid the equivalent of £5 for what we had just enjoyed.

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