15/11/2015……….still at Torre del Mar

We are thoroughly enjoying our relaxing stay on this same campsite.  We are out cycling and exploring the area and the weather has now settled into and average 22 degrees during the day and overnight cloud cover, which keeps the night temperature quite comfortable, is then burnt off to leave nice sunny days for us to enjoy.  The morning leaf clearing continues all around us and Elaine insisted that we should have a broom so we were not left out of this morning ritual.  Of course, it had to be colour coordinated so it took us a little while to find the right implement.

It is always interesting to see the differences between the different nationalities that we meet on our travels.  I do not know if this was a one off or whether this is the normal custom but along came the 11th of November.  In the next roadway a lot of Germans started decorating the street with lots of bunting and they were seen accumulating lots of tables and chairs and it was obvious that a street party was about to begin.  In Britain we have the  minutes silence at 11 o/clock and the Great and the Good collect at the Cenotaph in London to lay wreathes to the fallen.  This also goes on around lots of war memorials around the country and we all wear our poppies with pride.  The Germans partied.  The men wore amusing, mock military hats and lots of the women had coloured wigs and some wore funny costumes.  The music blared out and there were lots of wartime tunes that we instantly recognized but with German Lyrics.  We went out but on our return we found the party in full swing and it went on until quite late in the afternoon.

A week ago I lost a filling and because we will not come back to Britain for some time then it was important that I did something about it.  I went to a dentist in town and got an appointment for the very next day.  I don’t think that would have happened in Britain……it wasn’t an emergency and I was not in any pain.  The dentist had a little English and it was sufficient for me to understand when he wanted me to to do.  The drilling was done and he had filled the tooth and then he said ” you grin”. Although I didn’t feel like it I gave him the very best smile I could manage.  He laughed and then demonstrated what he wanted me to do with his mouth……………..he only wanted me to grind my teeth together.

This trip and the last, I have been trying to get a decent picture of the parakeets that thrive in southern Spain.  I have found them to be a very elusive bird to capture with my camera.  Finally after a lot of waiting I finally got a picture of a lone parakeet that was making its nest way up in a palm tree.  Finally it took a rest from its labours and came out into the sunshine, posing as if waiting for me to take its picture.


Although I had never before seen one of these birds on the floor, a small flock landed in front of me to eat whatever they had seen there.


Saturday Elaine and I walked to the terminus to catch the bus to Malaga.  Elaine was a little apprehensive about the day out because she had the thought that Malaga was going to be like Benidorm or Blackpool, full of tat and kiss me quick hats. This fear was soon dispelled.  We got off the bus right beside the London Eye lookalike.


After fetching a map from the Information centre we were soon in the old part of the city and standing in front of the cathedral.



Next we walked to the Picasso Museum and spent a very interesting hour and a half going through the many rooms full of his art.  Picasso was born in Malaga in 1881 and on reaching the age of 19, he left Malaga forever and most of his work was done in  Barcelona and then in France.  To ensure that this famous artist will never be forgotten in the city of his birth then his daughter in law and grandson have donated all the works that are on show here.  Every room had guards ensuring that nobody could take any photographs of any of the works of art so here is just an image from the guide book to give an idea of what we saw there.


We walked up the huge hill to get to the castle and we certainly put our fitness to the test getting up there.  Near the top we came across a view point and Elaine is very quickly demonstrating that her fear of heights is nearly a thing of the past.  The picture here shows Elaine calmly leaning on the railings while I took her picture.


I wonder if she would have felt quite so calm if she had realised at that moment she was standing on a thin concrete platform over a very long drop below her.  I said ” how brave are you?” and she realised what I was talking about when I took her down to look at what she had just been standing on.  The entrance fee to the magnificent castle was 60 cents each (About 84 pence for the both of us.  The views from up here were magnificent.



When we got down to ground level we walked towards the beach area along a very modern looking promenade

DSCN1816 that took us to an area with lots of smart looking eating places and bars and a very posh looking area full of market stalls selling very expensive, exclusive looking wares.  We chose a tapas bar there to have a very interesting meal before the journey back.

Today we had paid for the return coach tickets and two meals and coffees at different places during the day. We also paid to go into the Picasso Museum and for entrance into the castle.  When we got back we stopped at a supermarket to buy some essential supplies including wine to celebrate our lovely day.  In total we hadn’t spent £35 including the provisions.  How we love Spain!!!

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This is all about our year long meander around Europe in our motor home. It is a way of passing on what is happening, where we are and thoughts on what we have seen or done. Please comment as it is, firstly, nice to know this stuff is being read, and also tell me if there are other things you would like to hear about.

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    1. What about your Mum. She gets Less and less scared of heights as time goes on. People half her age would have baulked at walking up that hill especially after walking around the city first. You could say she’s as fit as a butcher’s dog but please don’t tell her I said that


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