30.12.15 Happy New Year and a big change of plan.

We are now so close to the end of 2015.  So first a catch up of our Christmas day fun on the beach.  Just the same as last year we had all decided that we would spend a good part of our day on the beach followed by a barbecued steak dinner and then an evening playing our favourite board games.


The wind had got up so Tom and I had a session flying the stunt kite but we had to be so careful when people kept walking passed little realizing the peril they were putting themselves in.  Elaine kept snapping away with the camera and Jo spent that time stopping Taz , the dog, from chasing the kite.

DSCN2156.JPGDespite the fact that we were now on the Atlantic coast we next got ourselves ready and the three of us were in the sea…….. just a little late for our one o’clock deadline to try to correspond with you British folk, sitting down to your Christmas meal.


Whilst we swam, Elaine carried on taking pictures and also stopped Taz from coming in the sea with us.

Later on we had a great meal followed by a competitive evening and a session of the game “Pass the Pigs”.  If you enjoy a real competitive game but like a laugh at the same time then check this game out.  The game was played whilst Tom was in the army and it involves rolling two small rubber pigs and depending how they land decides the number of points scored.  Sounds odd but it is addictive and you can find the game on Amazon.  (Other stores my also sell the game)

We stayed on in Falesia for the next couple of days and we kept a close eye on a front that was coming in so there were lots of discussion as to what we should do.  Despite the warm sunny days we  were finding a big temperature drop around 3-30 each afternoon and the forecast was for rain the next day and for more to come during the week.  Sunday evening the rain started and by Monday morning it was hammering it down and the sound was like having a hundred birds dancing on the roof of the motorhome…all wearing hobnailed boots.  Call us fair weather campers if you wish but the decision was made and the next day we headed East towards the warmer areas of Spain and the sheltered Mediterranean coastline.

29.12.15  For the first time we decided to take the paid motorway out of Portugal and we used our Via Verdes (our automatic toll passes) to quickly get us out of this fine country.  We drove 200  miles and stopped for the night on a car-park just outside Peurto Serrano.  Cyclists and walkers flock to this village to use the nature trail that has been set up on the long abandoned train line that runs 37 kilometers across beautiful, Sierra de La Nava countryside.

If anybody should happen to visit this area and see anybody wearing a pair of blue, Animal flip flops then please get them back for me.  Somehow they were left on the step of the motorhome when we drove away.

30.12.15 …..Ronda, Spain

Today we had the most delightful drive of only 36 miles to the city of Ronda.  We are parked on the most expensive campsite we have used during our trip so far.  We couldn’t find anywhere else that we could stop close to this must see city so we bit the bullet and paid the 23 euros but they are definitely only getting one night’s money out of us.


Ronda is really quite and intriguing city because there is a huge gorge that separates the old city and the much more modern city centre.  Tourists flock here to see and to cross the bridge between the two.  The views from here are really quite spectacular and it is a little wonder that the city is is a magnet for visitors from all over the world.



The old city is full of impressive buildings and a lot of the old churches were originally Muslim Mosques then taken over to become Christian places of worship.




As well as the churches there are are many superb buildings and over the Gorge you come to the modern city centre with its very up-market shops and boutiques and this is where you will come across the bullring.


The bullring here is quite famous because Spanish bullfighting started here and there is a museum to commemorate the fact right by the very impressive white building.

On the way back we called into a back street bar and had a magnificent meal and I was brave enough to order the oxtail whilst Tom, Jo and Elaine ordered a steak each.  Although they enjoyed their meals, my choice was delicious and it was quite easy to cut the tender, rich tasting meat from the bone.


So we have left Portugal and we will follow the sun in Spain but we will return to Portugal as soon as the weather improves and the storms stop travelling across the Atlantic bringing the winds and the rain.  Elaine and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year and that 2016 brings good luck, good health and happiness to you all.
















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This is all about our year long meander around Europe in our motor home. It is a way of passing on what is happening, where we are and thoughts on what we have seen or done. Please comment as it is, firstly, nice to know this stuff is being read, and also tell me if there are other things you would like to hear about.

3 thoughts on “30.12.15 Happy New Year and a big change of plan.”

  1. Beautiful Christmas Day beach pictures………..once again looking like you’re all having a fabulous time. Happy New year to you all as well. Looking forward reading about your 2016 adventures xxxxxx


  2. Hi both we wish a very happy new year and a safe one so lovely to see your blogs they are very informative and funny whoever thought you would be swimming in the Atlantic on Christmas day keep the blogs coming and hope you missed the recent storms and enjoy your temporary visit to Spain lots of love lums and beck xxxx


    1. Thank you, so glad you enjoy my ramblings. Yes swimming in the Atlantic. It was cold to get in but once in it was very refreshing and surprisingly enjoyable. Portugal weather wasn’t brilliant hence the big change of plan. However we have had nothing like the weather that has been hitting the UK.

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