Some preparations for our year long motor home tour of Europe

This will be our home for a year

This will be our home for a year.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just load a few things into the van, say goodbye to friends and family and head on down to the ferry port to start the adventure.

Far from it, by the time we get away we will need a years holiday to recuperate from the strain of the constant preparation.  In no particular order I will try to convey just some of the problems that have arisen so far.

Obviously you may know that we moved so that we can let our house easier now we are in Amesbury.  The letting agent says let it unfurnished so no sooner has the furniture been arranged after the move then it is now the job to prepare to have it all moved into store.  I have spent the last week in our boiling hot loft sectioning off an area where we can store some of our boxes.  Maybe it is a good way for me to acclimatise myself for the weather I hope we find on the continent but it has been warm.

I thought being in the EEC would make things easier. Far from it.  The old bus needs an MOT certificate and it passed with flying colours in June.  However we are not due to leave until the beginning of September so we have to have another test in August. Then we have to return to England within a year or the MOT will be out of date and I will no longer be driving a legal vehicle.  Common Market, its a joke, why can’t we just present the vehicle to a garage in any European country to get this precious document. 

Our bank says we are not allowed to add another person onto our account (don’t all volunteer at once) so they can settle any bills that may turn up whilst we are away.  So that’s why, if we owe you any money, then you will have to wait until we get back.

We have had lots of encouragement about our travel plans but we have had the gloom merchants who tell us stories of all the terrible things that Johnny Foreign is going to do to us. Delivery companies turn up daily to deliver more and more safety devices we can fit to the van.  Does anybody know where I can get a sub machine gun that I can fit on top as Amazon let me down there.

Comment if you want more, comment if I should stop.  This is my first ever blog, hope it is ok.